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3 Monkey games is a gaming system that allows players to play our Tabletop, Online, Mobile and now Smartwatch games to collect Monkey points to trade in for Raffle coins that can be used on our website for prizes. Players may also enjoy our unique in game and on ground scavenger hunts to win immediate prizes. 3 Monkey games main objective is to bring family, friendly, fun to the masses and engage them in real life and virtual play. Our unique broker system also allows entrepreneurs with a dream of making money in the gaming arena the chance to do so with little to no coding experience. For those lucky enough to be able to code their own games but like many have a need for marketing and ability to launch a product where players abound, 3 Monkey games has a solution for them.

3 Monkey Games

Who We Are

The Monkeys That Make Up 3 Monkey Games

Wes Smith

Wes "Monkey Man" Smith

Chief Creative officer of 3 Monkey games. Wes has been in the gaming industry since 2005, starting with board/card games Wes made a small splash in the tabletop gaming industry with his quirky sense of humor and trademark 3 Monkeys. His own children were the inspiration behind the 3 Monkeys, Elisabeth, Bryant and Cauiln are ever present in all of his titles.

Matt Orsman

Matt "Mirthquake" Orsman

Matt has been working as a professional cartoonist and designer since 1986. His illustrations have been seen featured on such esteemed international websites as Ain’t It Cool News, Nik Holmes’ Zombie Dollar$site, Canada’s Movies Online, and the "Weird" Al Yankovic website. His editorial cartoons, caricatures and illustrations have been featured in the Wichita Eagle, Daily Reporter, The WSU Sunflower and the National Inquisitor.

He is also the producing director of CathARTic Art and Film Events, LLC., a philanthropical organization dedicated to facilitating the development of new venues in the arts and film industry; through Experiential Learning, Hands-on Mentoring, and International Access and Deployment of Emerging Talent, while contributing to local and national charities.

Jacob Jergensen

Jacob "Jsoft" Jergensen

Jacob has been working in graphic design since 2009 when he got my first computer and downloaded GIMP. He does work ranging from web design to branding to sports videography for the Butler Grizzlies football team. While in college Jacob also started an Etsy shop which creates and sells simplistic style posters that feature anything from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to comic book super heroes.

In late 2012 he started DiRez Dev for a business plan competition for his school's Youth Entrepreneurs class and decided to pursue it further after winning the class competition. DiRez Dev is now one of Wichita's best and most affordable Web Design and Branding companies that offers it's clients full visibility through the entirety of their project using Zed Admin.

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